BUSE TEKSTİL DIŞ TİC. VE PAZ. LTD. ŞTİ. founded in 2001 in Istanbul, answer to the catch of
the lack for a companies that bring not only new and fresh fashion but realy fast fashion handwriting to the production with experience manufacturing and fabric expertise in mostly knitted products.Because we are very attentive to the customer’s needs,

Our primary goals:
Customer Satisfaction
Inspiring creativity
Corporate Social responsibility
Healthy Work Environment
Commitment & Teamwork
Equal Opportunity Employer

VISION: BUSE with its people and methods are effectively using the advantage of the experience and knowledge about garment manufacturing as a taylor level, this allows the on time delivery of the product is already starting with a value conscious rhythm.

MISSION: BUSE’s mission is clear, to be unique in everyline of business; on time, fairest and high quality in every aspect. We also believe in our people and investing internally.Fastest service, High quality, Fair rights for its people, Wide range and Value prices.